All you need to know about Internet Banking

The net banking facility provided by the Bank, with the assistance of the internet, individuals can readily access their bank account anywhere and at any moment...
If you opened a fresh bank account, you'd like to understand what net banking is? It has proven to be very useful in solving people's difficult work since the creation of the web.
The web has become component of the lives of everybody, without it, none of our job is complete. Whether it's about getting data over the internet, shopping, or staying linked to our friends and families, we get assistance from the internet throughout the job. Similarly, we can now get banking comfort on our mobile or pcs with the assistance of the web. Web-based banking is called net banking. I'm going to inform you today what this net banking is and some data about it. Let's understand what net banking is like.

What does Net Banking mean

With the assistance of the internet, the net banking service provided by the bank allows individuals to readily access their bank account anywhere and at any moment. Net banking is very helpful to all those people who are unable to go to the bank because of their busy work, or those who are troubled because of the bank's long line of people and don't like going to the bank. If necessary and the bank is much more than your area, you can accomplish your urgent work very quickly with the help of mobile or computer, net banking is very helpful in all these cases.Although the name may vary, all these banking technologies are the same as those that enable internet banking access to individuals.                                                         

 Features of internet banking

Internet banking platform features enable simple access to your bank account. The banking platforms involve authentication to decrease the danger of another individual accessing your account. Most platforms give 2-factor authentication, generally:

    Technical factors: what you have (e.g. a safety token or one time password)

    Personal factors: what you know (e.g. your password or PIN)

In order to enhance safety, a third factor (human factors: what you are) that requires biometrics (iris scanning, thumb print scanning) may also be added to your platform, although this is not the case.
Banks sometimes give restricted1-factor authentication Internet banking services, requiring only your PIN or password to log in.

Your bank may also provide a security token to boost your safety to authenticate 2-factors. With your safety token and PIN(2-factors),Then you can use your internet banking platform to make third-party transfers and alter foreign currencies.

Internet banking benefits
Despite safety hazards, internet banking is suggested for everyone, particularly if you have access to your own internet. It facilitates banking. Convenience is the advantage of Internet banking. In the convenience of your home or office, you can manage most of your banking requirements. You can access your bank account 24/7 (it may not be possible to access some transactions 24/7). Check interest rates and exchange rates anywhere.

You can use your internet banking platform to transfer funds from your savings account to your current account, in the comfort of your home or office, if you just wrote a check to someone but don't have enough cash in your current account.This ensures you don't bounce the check, saving your credibility. You can also transfer money to your MasterCard or Visa debit card account from your home account without leaving your home. You can even transfer money to your customers on your platform if you have a safety token. Sit at home and check if the money you requested has been sent or if the check has been cleared, you don't need to visit the bank until you're sure.

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What are Net Banking's advantages?

    1. With Net banking, you can apply online for many stuff like passbook, credit card, checkbook, all the equipment we need to get by going to the bank itself, as you go online without having to go to the bank.

    2. Net banking enables our bank account balance to be checked online. We can also look at our account's last transaction reports, which usually don't give us the bank.

    3. We can pay for online shopping with the help of net banking, and we can make online payments by filling in any government form. Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, as well as electric bills.

    4. We can also create a transfer of cash to our friends and families through Net Banking so that we can assist them readily.

    5. We can open a broad range of accounts such as FD (fixed deposit), RD (recurring deposit), etc. with the assistance of net banking. The best part is that we don't even need to go bank to deposit cash in such accounts, as net banking provides us with auto-cutting payment facility. The balance is automatically deducted from our account through this facility and deposited into these accounts.

How can I use Net Banking?
Here we learned that net banking offers us what the services (net banking information) and understanding such services, you might want to understand how to use it as well, so let's understand.

    1. You must first go to the branch of the bank where you have a bank account. If you don't have a bank account and want to use net banking, build your bank account first. You will need to submit a form on your mobile or computer to activate net banking.

    2. You will receive the user-id and password from the bank once you submit the form. You will need to use this user-id and password while logging into the website of your bank.

    3. Once you've logged in, step by step, you'll need to fill in all the details you'll be asked about on that site. Complete the right information by paying attention when filling in the details, you may have to experience many issues when filling in the wrong information.

    4. Net banking will be activated on your mobile or computer after all the information have been completed and you will be able to take complete advantage of its equipment.

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Things to keep in mind while doing net banking

    1.  Never use net banking in public places like cyber café; it has the possibility of leakage of your information.

    2. Continue to change your password so you don't have to worry about hacking your account and never place your password on your date of birth, name and name of the town. Instead, hold a distinctive password that keeps your account secure.

    3.  Use net banking alone at all times and don't share my password with anyone else.

    4. One thing to note is that you install good anti-virus in your net banking device, so that your account details can not be hacked owing to virus or malware.

Internet banking in Nigeria

The majority of Nigerian banks now give their clients Internet banking facilities. There are, of course, some to make up the figures, but some are nice.These are the lists of banks offering mobile banking access in nigeria:


    Zenith Bank

    Access Bank

    Diamond Bank

    Stanbic IBTC


    FirstBank and some of Nigeria's leading Internet banking platforms.

Internet banking has gone a long way in Nigeria, from the early days of providing restricted banking facilities on their Internet banking platforms to today when nearly all online banking transactions can be closed.
Nigerian banks ' most common banking services on their web banking platforms include: viewing account balances, viewing account activity / statement, checking exchange rates, transferring money within the same bank between your accounts, and paying bills and taxes.
 By purchasing an Internet banking safety token from your bank (if they give one) or using one-time passwords, you will be able to exchange foreign currency with Naira on your online banking platform.
You can do all of these in the comfort of your home or office or while you're on the move. However, some Nigerian banks ' Internet banking platforms still leave out some vital facilities, such as fresh account apps, currency exchange, check book requests, ATM / Debit / Credit card requests, which still require a bank visit. However, these and even more services are offered by Nigerian banks like GTbank. Some banks, like on-screen keyboards on their Internet banking platform, have not offered the necessary safety in the past, but hopefully this has changed.
Despite these small drawbacks, Internet banking is still suggested as it allows you to access your bank account conveniently and execute banking transactions from nearly 24/7 anywhere. Mobile banking can also be checked out.
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