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Yes! We all are 'done and dusted' with the life on land. We have seen enough of population walking with us and the pollution disturbing and bothering us every now and then. The city lights hovering around us and the unpleasant cacophony paying frequent visits to us, we've had it all.

Ever thought how beautifully different and magical life would be in the water? Imagine waking up every day to the beautiful view of the glorious water. Waves after waves are there just to soothe your mind and body. Every cool breeze is there just to make you feel light and out of the world. The beautiful dolphins and colorful fish are there to wake you up with their child like innocent presence and of course, the mammoth sky is right above you to give you a reminder that life is now, beautiful. A life which is not chaotic but only blissful and peace of mind is all you receive in abundance. Water is indeed one of the best places to relax your mind and have a time of your life.

We travel to the oceans in order to seek mental peace. Life in an ocean is a visual treat to eyes which allows us to absorb the breathtaking beauty within our souls. It is to wake up and realize that the most beautiful thing to watch is the gorgeous sunset. One can almost get blown off the roof by the winds and still not get enough of the beauty. Life in an ocean means unboxing magnificent happiness every minute. Waking up with the sun and water together will make you realize for the umpteenth time that every breathe that you are taking at that moment is precious and totally worth it. It will make you forget all your sorrows and will make you believe that water is the only source of life and happiness. An ocean is a place where all your storms will come and go at once and will make you stronger and merrier than before.

When planning your next summer trip, always choose and prefer marine over hills and land because once in a lifetime we all deserve a big piece of heaven after the monotonous and humdrum life that we live almost every day. Water is the sweetest and the best medicine that you can ever find in this entire world and trust me, one can totally have an overdose of it. The renowned English film "Jurassic Park" has described the presence of dinosaurs in this world which created a storm in the minds of every one in general and scientists in particular. This film forced the scientists to think about the early inhabitants of Earth planet and explore it. The film has also created a new discussion among everyone regarding the origin of Dinosaurs which leads towards the discovery of these interesting creatures. Dinosaurs were the forerunners of animal life on Earth. The first dinosaur fossils founded in the early 19th century. The same become a major attractions for people at museums around the world. Dinosaurs were primitively bipedal. Their probable ancestors were small bipedal Archosaurs. Dinosaur also became part of popular culture.

History of Dinosaur.
The great dinosaurs ruled on the earth nearly 150 million years ago. These animals were living on this world in a devastating way who altered the course of life on this earth. It has been predicted that it happened so sudden, as geologic time goes, that almost all the dinosaurs living on earth disappeared. So the question arise in our mind that how did these dominant creatures just die off? Was it a slow extinction, or did it happen suddenly? These questions created different beliefs on how the dinosaur appeared and disappeared quickly.

Structure of Dinosaur.
Dinosaur literally means a terrible and dreadful lizard. The structure of Dinosaur also like a lizard except its size. Dinosaurs had hard, rough and scaly skins like lizards, however dinosaur is big in size and lizard is very small. They were cold-blooded reptiles. A major change in outlook came in the 1960s, when it was realized that small theropods were probably warm-blooded. In this way, the other question arise whether all theropods or even all dinosaurs warm-blooded. The said question has not yet decided. They laid eggs like lizards and had long legs. They lived in swamps, on land, mountains, rivers, forests and everywhere on the Earth.

Type of Dinosaurs.
There were hundreds type, size, shape and features of dinosaurs who were different from each other. Some of dinosaurs were imagine while some are very small. Their foods were also different from each other. They are divided into Ornithischians such as Protuberates and had hip bone like birds and Sacristans with hip bone like lizards like Diplodocus. Somewhere meat eaters and others ate plants. It means that some of them were carnivore and were consuming meat. Some of them were omnivores and were consuming plants.

They did not live at the same time and same era. Some lived 200 million years ago, others 70 million years ago. Not all dinosaurs were giants. Some such as compsognathus were of the size of a chicken and Heterodonatesaurus was of the size of a large dog. Brontosaurus and Diplodocus were really huge in size. About 65 million years ago, long before man came into existence, dinosaurs and the flying and swimming reptiles died suddenly. The only records left are their fossils. The reason for their abrupt disappearance is still a mystery. The people are trying to know about the whereabouts of these animals but not yet got success. Today the world is of skyscrapers and magnificent buildings. It is taken as a pride to be a part of such estate. However the sad part is that, schools which we consider temples of education are now confined to the idea of being 'Beautiful Buildings with a sprawling campus'. It has become a general notion that schools with gorgeous campus and tall buildings are the best and those that are not privileged with a multi-storied building are generally average or below that. However we seldom delve into the quality of the infrastructure that a school provides before jumping to any conclusion regarding that school. The question is that why such a mindset has evolved?

Traditionally it has been human nature to take pride in the association with the rich and wealthy. We consider ourselves superior and lucky when we find access to such persons of power and influence. This parochial mentality is slowly but distinctively seeping into our education sector. In fact such posh and luxurious estate that the school buildings are comprised of naturally gives a feeling of prosperity. The parents usually feel proud that his or her ward is having friends who are rich and well off but in utter denial of their own status quo which brings about miserable ramifications in the end.

This state of mind of the parents has become a rich harvest for the school authorities who find it easy to allure students by just offering them a glittering campus. However the quality of education is getting some serious beatings at the hands of such school authorities. Today it's painful to say that education has merely been restricted to a 'business entity'. The proprietors find it all so easy to make huge amount of wealth by virtually fooling the people who are already under some age old delusion.

These schools which are mostly owned by private individuals advertently take the quality of teaching staffs for granted. A simple survey of these schools will reveal that most of the teachers are either unskilled or semi-skilled which is hardly commensurate with the money that these schools charge from the students. In fact many of the teachers don't have any serious devotion to their duties as they take teaching as a pastime and prepare for some other exams under the nose of the authorities. There is another aspect to this story which is equally revealing and appalling which is that the authorities are hell-bent on making as much profit as possible which at times undermines the salary of the teachers. It's a fact that not all teachers are equally unqualified and uninterested to their profession but the irony is that the authorities tar them with the same brush as the others. This blatant injustice meted out to the quality teachers deters their enthusiasm who start falling in line with others and thus the quality get degraded further.

However to keep up appearances the school authorities bring in celebrities and erudite persons to their schools just as an eyewash. They boast of having associations with such personalities so that it acts as a bait to lure students for taking admission to their schools. They take help of different broadcasting media and advertisement platforms to showcase and further their false propaganda. Some of them even start sponsoring several high profile functions to get popular with the masses.

Another deplorable aspect of these schools is that the teachers are cautioned by the school authorities not to give poor marks to the students even if the students may not deserve them. They fear that if the students are awarded poor marks then the parents who are already paying such exorbitant price would blame the school for their children's failure and may take them to a different school which would cause immediate loss to their exchequer. So if this is not business then what is? This business oriented approach of the authorities gives easy leeway to the teachers to further deteriorate their quality which was already low.

Therefore a time has come when a mechanism is put in place to hold these schools accountable for their duties. Today the quality of the students is suffering like never before. These innocent students go to schools with a view to upgrade their mental faculty and stand out to be successful in life. But they fall prey to the sinister designs of the private schools which eventually prove snake in the grass and instead of building a solid foundation to their knowledge, degrade it beyond redemption. I have this notion built within me since childhood that words are powerful, but the books are much mightier than words. Words don't last forever, but the ideas and imagination expressed through words in a book or an article is what makes an impression on a person. A book teaches and inculcates many things in the reader like a sense of morality, the idea of living life to the fullest or may it be the importance of life itself. To make the ideas and these powerful learnings available to each and every human being is of utmost importance. This is what the free books ideology aims at by making books available for everyone to read.

Age of the Internet

Now that we are living in the age of the internet and the reader wants every variety of books to be available to him to read we moved to eBooks. Those who can't afford to buy those hefty and costly books which shares some of the best learnings with people, are provided with pdf on internet of books. Now all they have to do is download the eBook pdf and enjoy their journey reading. The internet provides us with all sorts of eBooks nowadays. Different people with a wide variety of interests read an entirely different set of books and share their readings with everyone in their circle. This aids the spread of knowledge of one book to an entire community of people. The words during this may change, but the idea that was provided by that one free downloadable eBook remained the same. That particular idea or impression which the book created might eventually lead to bringing a change in the person's life.

Reading Experience

Free eBooks might mainly be for those who can't afford them or else the reader is just too lazy to buy himself the book. Another reason as to why there is a craze of free eBooks is because they might feel that they don't have to add on to the weight they carry every day and still enjoy the reading experience. But the real joy comes to me when I read those books with crisp and beautiful smelling pages. May it be the one I bought or may it be available to me as a free book, it doesn't matter. This is the feeling that every reader has one day or the other.

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